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MCAT Diaries: How I Increased My MCAT Score by 22 Points

When it comes to the medical school journey, everyone has their own story, but there’s one big challenge most of us have to tackle: the MCAT. In this new series, our Blueprint MCAT alumni share how they crushed the MCAT and made their med school dreams come true!

Meet Christina, an MS1 at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. Christina embarked on the challenging journey of navigating the medical school admissions process in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which only intensified her unwavering determination and drive to become a doctor.

My “Why”

I want to become a doctor because it’s amazing to have the privilege to impact countless lives in perhaps some of the most meaningful ways. Everyone deserves the right to compassion and care, especially in stressful situations, and I want to be the person who can do that for others. I also want to have a career where I can be constantly challenged and learn new things. I hope to become a teaching doctor so I can one day help future generations gain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals!

Gaining Clinical Experience During the Pandemic

I started my journey to medical school right before COVID started, so I faced a lot of difficulty gaining experience in healthcare settings. I decided to become an EMT so I could become an essential worker, help during the pandemic, and explore medicine all at once. I knew I wanted to take action in the face of all that was going on in the world. Working with patients only motivated me further to continue on my path to becoming a physician. 

A Competitive MCAT Score Starts With an MCAT Study Plan

I used the Blueprint MCAT prep course the summer before my Senior year. I really liked the self-study course that had a set study schedule, so I knew exactly what I needed to do each day to stay on track.

I feel that Blueprint was crucial in helping me achieve a great MCAT score (519). Having that score under my belt really made me a strong applicant for virtually any medical school. In particular, it placed me 2 points above the MCAT average for my current medical school [USC Keck School of Medicine], giving me a competitive edge. 

Without Blueprint’s study plan and materials, which was my primary study method in the months leading up to my MCAT, I would not have been able to score what I did and be where I am today.

Words of Advice for Premeds and Future Medical Students

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s through friends, family, or counselors! The process of becoming a physician is long, complex, and daunting, so it’s okay to seek out support from others.

Blueprint MCAT Prep Review

I would say that if you know you do best with a study plan and may need help with being kept accountable, Blueprint makes it super easy with a schedule tailored to you. I [also] loved the videos! They were very well done and the diagrams and illustrations were helpful, especially for a visual learner.

If you’re ready to go beyond your target MCAT score and get into your top medical school, we’re here to help! Blueprint MCAT has the MCAT resource that’s perfect for your learning style, from self-paced courses to live classes and tutoring. Get started today by creating your own MCAT study schedule!

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