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MCAT Biology Question — Sperm Development

In which of the following structures of a healthy human male would immotile sperm incapable of fertilization be found?


  1. Vas deferens
  2. Seminiferous tubules
  3. Urethra


A.   I only

B.   II only

C.   I and II

D.   I, II, and III

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This question is testing your understanding of sperm development within the male reproductive system. To answer this question, you must know the pathway sperm travels from the testes to ejaculation: seminiferous tubules –> epididymis –> vas deferens –> ejaculatory duct –> urethra –> penis.

Furthermore, you must also know that the epididymis is the location where spermatozoa gain motility and fertilization capabilities. Therefore, immotile sperm that are incapable of fertilization may be found in the parts of the male reproductive system preceding the epididymis. Therefore, only II is correct making B the correct answer.

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