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MCAT Biology Question — Plasma Cell Development

Which of the following correctly indicates stages in the development of a plasma cell the location where those stages occur:


A) bone marrow: B-cell, lymph node: plasma cell

B) bone marrow: T-cell, thymus: plasma cell

C) lymph node: B-cell, bone marrow: plasma cell

D) thymus: T-cell, lymph node: plasma cell




Plasma cells, also called plasma B cells, or effector B cells, originate in the bone marrow. They act as antigen presenting cells after leaving the bone marrow. After taking up an antigen, they typically make their way to a lymph node where they present the antigenic material to a T-cell and become activated. Some develop into plasma cells, secreting antibodies. Others develop into memory B cells.

B, D: Plasma cells are a type of B-cell, not T-cell.

C: This choice gets the locations backwards

A: Correct

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