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MCAT 2015 Infographic: Physical Sciences Section

  • by Allison Chae
  • Sep 22, 2014
  • MCAT 2015, MCAT Blog, MCAT Dates, MCAT Info, MCAT Physics, Med School Admissions
  • Reviewed By: Liz Flagge

We recently created a set on infographics to breakdown the new MCAT. These infographics will help you understand which topics and concepts really matter, understand the new scoring scale, and figure out when you can take the new test. The new MCAT is going to be tougher and longer. Preparing for it doesn’t have to be though. If you want to learn how we can help you prepare for the MCAT fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 888-530-NEXT. MCAT Physical Sciences Section png

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