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10 Stocking Stuffers For Pre-Med Students

It’s the season of giving, but the premed in your life is [probably] stressed. On top of classes, they likely have MCAT prep, volunteering, and a slew of other activities. Luckily, this is your opportunity to brighten up their day with a stocking full of goodies that will make any future doctor get in the holiday spirit! We’ve rounded up some of the best gift ideas for premed students to help cross them off your gift list.

And if you’re the premed in your life, that’s ok too! Treat yourself!

1. Anatomical Key Chain

Some people like to say they wear their hearts on their sleeves. This keychain lets you wear your heart (or brain or lung or several other body parts) on your keys! According to the Amazon reviews, these keychains pretty anatomically correct, making them a fun stocking stuffer AND a study aid!

2. Serotonin Molecule Necklace

MCAT prep and OChem got your premed down? Boost their serotonin levels with this adorable molecule necklace! In silver, gold, and rose gold, this necklace will surely put a smile on their face and give them the placebo effect they need to make it through the year.

3. Blueprint MCAT Prep Course

At some point, nearly every premed will take the MCAT. Put them on the path toward their dream score with a Blueprint MCAT prep course! From Live Course and Self-paced Course options to private tutoring and practice exam bundles, we have something for every learning style.

Get the gift you know will be appreciated—even years from now when they become a doctor!

4. Skeleton Poster

A skeleton poster is an absolute must in any future physician’s room! The vintage look of this anatomy poster ups the cool factor, and it even comes with its own hanger! It’ll come in handy when your student is studying for an exam on the skeletal system and still adds style to the room when they’re not.

5. “Trust Me. I’m (Almost) a Doctor” Mug

There is a high likelihood that if someone is premed, they’re going to let you know (as they should!) and nothing will speak to their soul quite like this coffee mug. Bonus points if you go to them looking for answers to your symptoms instead of WebMD. It’s the perfect manifestation tool to get them through a grueling MCAT study session.

6. Operation

Need a White Elephant gift that will leave everyone in stitches? Encourage the future surgeon with this classic board game! Cavity Sam can be their first patient as they try to figure out what’s ailing him. It’s the perfect game to play with the whole family after the holiday festivities wind down.

7. Self-Care Prescription Notepad

Your premed student will need to get used to writing on one of these eventually. Start them young to hopefully save their penmanship. With prescriptions that include “Ordering Takeout,” “Extra Sleep,” and a “Bear Hug,” these just might be better than modern medicine.

8. The Premed Playbook Series by Dr. Ryan Gray

Dr. Gray’s series of books span almost every part of the admissions process and any one of them would make a great gift for premeds. Plus, don’t forget to check out the MCAT Podcast on the Medical School HQ Network with Dr. Grey and Blueprint MCAT tutors!

9. MCAT Survivor Sweater

Snag the comfiest flex for those who conquered the MCAT! It’s not just a garment; it’s a badge of honor and a daily reminder of the hustle that got them where they are (or where they are going if they’re still prepping for the MCAT).

10. Fun Study Tools

Let’s be honest, studying isn’t anyone’s favorite hobby. Exams—especially one that could define the beginning of your medical career—just aren’t fun, but your supplies can be! Look for cool and interesting pens (like these with “red blood cells” inside), highlighters, sticky notes, and other supplies to make studying less of a chore.

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