Who Does Your LSAT Prep Course Hire?

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    Did you read the real-life job posting seeking LSAT instructors above? If not, take a minute to familiarize (or perhaps horrify) yourself.

    Are you back now? Good.

    Faces and names have been blurred to protect the, well… not the innocent. No, certainly not. For they are guilty! Guilty of hiring instructors who have no business teaching the LSAT.

    You want to be a lawyer. You need a great score on the LSAT to get into a great school to get a great job to be fabulously wealthy to show all those jerks at your high school reunion how much better you are at life than they are. The first step in that glorious chain of victory is every bit as important as all the other steps. And what does this Prep-Company-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named offer you? Some dude who didn’t actually take the LSAT, but passed an “online qualifying test” about it. What’s on that test? How well did he have to do to pass? Ummm, dunno.

    This is your life, man (or woman)! Would you get your gall bladder removed by a “doctor” who passed an online qualifying test? How about kickin’ back in first class on a flight with a “pilot” who passed an online qualifying test? Would you eat Fugu prepared by a sushi chef who passed an online qualifying test? (Google it; it’s pretty cool.) The answers, respectively, are “no,” “no,” and “nevernevernever.”

    So why would you go with an LSAT instructor with extremely questionable qualifications? You wouldn’t.

    Blueprint has a different idea about what makes an LSAT instructor an LSAT instructor, and we make sure that the instructor who teaches your class lives up to that ideal. Specifically, all of our instructors:

    • Scored 170 or above on a real LSAT;
    • Go through more than one hundred hours of training and preparation;
    • Are trained in person by Blueprint’s founders and veteran instructors;
    • Are thoroughly vetted during that training process to make sure that they are excellent instructors, not just excellent test takers;
    • Are evaluated by veteran instructors even after they’re hired and are teaching classes, to ensure that they meet Blueprint’s high standards.

    Maybe it’s just us, but we think that this is the way to ensure our students’ success. When you succeed, we succeed! If you feel differently, well, I have another online qualifying test for you…

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