What Would They Score on the LSAT: Breaking Bad Edition

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    In a scant two days, the long slog towards the beginning of the conclusion of Breaking Bad will finally be over. We will, at long last, find out what Hank decides to do when he finds Gale’s book in Walter’s bathroom. We will see what Walter decides to do with the immense pile of cash Skyler has stashed away in a storage locker. And now, with a little imagination, we’ll find out how Breaking Bad’s biggest characters would deal with the little ol’ LSAT and the preparation therefor:

    Walter White: BPPalex-lsat-blog-walter-whiteThe (in)famous Heisenberg is nothing if not cold, calculating and meticulous. While his carefully laid plans generally encounter a hiccup or two (see the magnets and evidence room escapade), he either plans for or works his way out of every eventuality he faces. Mr. White’s willingness to prepare and do what is necessary (no matter how repugnant) would serve Walter well in his LSAT prep. His inclination to take decisive action would almost certainly aid him in finishing his sections on time. Add these character traits to his innate intelligence and Heisenberg seems well on his way to a 176 LSAT score.

    Jesse Pinkman: BPPalex-lsat-blog-jesse-pinkmanPerhaps the most complex character on the show, Jesse seems like he could end up with an LSAT score in the 150s just as easily as he could end up in the 170s. While he’s subject to bouts of extremely self-destructive behavior (see reintroducing himself and his landlord’s daughter to meth), he has shown an incredible aptitude for learning when he applies himself (see him replicating Walter’s cook in front of Gus Fring’s “friends” in Mexico). Jesse’s ability to learn and repeat suggests he’d do well on the LSAT if he could inspire himself long enough to pay attention in class throughout an entire LSAT prep course (and stay clean). Let’s assume Mr. Pinkman would slack off just a tad and end up with a 162 LSAT score.

    Saul Goodman: BPPalex-lsat-blog-saul-goodmanWe couldn’t let the only lawyer on the show slide without examination, now could we? While Saul is great at helping his clients skirt incarceration, the fact that he’s not the most reputable of lawyers suggests he didn’t graduate from the greatest law school. This, in turn, suggests that he didn’t do so well on the LSAT. But let’s not stop there. Saul is also excellent at panicking under pressure. He is known for nothing if not his histrionics. While Saul would likely study well, he also seems as though he would crack under the time pressure of the LSAT and leave questions unanswered. Want a 155 LSAT score? Better call Saul.

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