What to Do if You’re Itching to Start October LSAT Prep

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    Now that we’re well into July, there are only a couple weeks until most of Blueprint’s live summer LSAT Prep classes start. As we told you yesterday, there are a couple October LSAT administrative items that you should take care of as soon as possible.

    However, there are probably some eager beavers out there who also want to start studying for the October LSAT this very minute. To you I say: 1) you’re crazy, and 2) I’m here to help.

    First of all, you may be tempted to buy some LSAT prep materials from other companies to get a head start on studying. I strongly discourage doing so — not because there is anything wrong with other companies’ materials, but because the Blueprint LSAT Prep method is unique to Blueprint LSAT Prep, and you don’t want to pick up any bad habits or confuse yourself before the class starts.

    Also, if you’re already enrolled in the class, you will soon be receiving your textbooks. While I encourage you to flip through them to see what’s what, it is not a good idea to try to start teaching yourself from the books alone. As you’ll find when the class starts, the books are a good reference, but your LSAT prep instructor will also be telling you a lot of things that are not found in the book. (Which is how it should be when you’re paying for a live class!) If you try to go through the lessons using only the LSAT prep book, you will be confused and you will miss out on a lot of information.

    So what can you do?

    A Blueprint LSAT Prep course is designed to be able to take students with zero knowledge about the LSAT and turn them into LSAT-slaying machines, so it’s not actually necessary to study before the LSAT course starts. If you want to get a little edge but save the serious studying for the LSAT course, you can pick up some dense, longer articles like those found in The Economist; you’ll be doing a lot of similar reading on the LSAT, so it’s great to work on your LSAT Reading Comprehension ahead of time.

    And if you’re a super-overachiever and want to start studying this very minute, we offer our live students a video upgrade that gets online access to every lesson video at a hefty discount. It’s the exact same curriculum that will be covered in our LSAT class, so you certainly don’t need the upgrade. However, if you think you will want the extra study time and reinforcement, you can purchase the upgrade now and start watching the lesson videos ahead of time.

    My two cents? Take it easy until the LSAT prep class starts. Studying will soon consume your life, so use these last weeks to savor the crappy TV shows and crazy late nights that will be conspicuously absent from your life. (I, for one, am spending my last few weeks of freedom sitting on my couch with a bag of Cheetos and The Bachelorette.)

    But if just thinking about relaxing for the next two weeks makes your pulse rise and your mind race, some dense articles or lesson videos will do the trick while allowing you to get the most of your studying.

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