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What Spring Break Means for Students in Law School

If you’re a (somewhat) newly minted law student, you’ve no doubt been looking eagerly ahead to Spring Break as a time to catch a much-needed breather.

Good luck with that.

While you won’t be burdened with as much reading and the necessity of visiting a classroom on a daily basis, law school will still follow you around — even on Spring Break.

At some law schools (my alma mater included), Spring Break is when you’ll be auditioning (read: doing research and a ton of writing) for law review. If you’re particularly ambitious, this is a path you may want to consider. I didn’t do it myself, but my colleagues assured me that both the write-on process and being on law review were entirely rewarding experiences.

Even if you choose to abstain from the law review write-on madness, I’m almost positive that you’ve fallen behind on outlining in a few of your classes. Spring Break might be a good time to catch up on any previously half-assed reading and make sure you’ve got a firm grasp of case law and doctrine in all of your classes. You may not feel all that relaxed, but you’ll undoubtedly be less stressed come finals time.

All of that said, you absolutely have to make sure that you find time to take your mind away from law school. There are only so many mental breaks one gets during the academic year and it is imperative that you use them to your greatest advantage. Spring Break provides such an opportunity.

Are you going to cease studying altogether? Probably not. Can you take a break to hit the driving range? Yes. Will you wholly ignore your outlines? Doubtful. Can you work on them at an outdoor cafe while enjoying a sandwich and your espresso drink of choice? Of course you can. And I’d recommend you do.

Lastly, let’s not forget the ever-present (and far less productive) option of binge-watching streaming television shows on Netflix. My most recent obsession? Breaking Bad. Which leads me to this (NSFW). Enjoy.