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    To those studying for the September LSAT, let’s do an exercise. Take out a calendar, and flip open to today’s date–July 31st, the year 2017. If you’ve abandoned sturdy, reliable paper calendars for the whims of technology, open to that date on the calendar app on your phone. Now, keep a finger on that date and open to the date of September 16th, 2017. Count the days between the two dates. Assuming your counting skills are on point, you should have counted 47 days.

    Wait, what happened to your face? It’s gone pale. You look a little defeated. C’mon, you’re going to do great preparing for the LSAT! You’re going to push yourself to do everything that needs to be done before the exam! (Hey, you’re looking a little better!). You’re going to get the absolute most out of this last month-and-a-half! (Uhh oh, there goes your face again).

    We know this is a lot to take in–making a study plan, following it diligently, making time for practice exams, and adjusting your plan to cover topics that you need to review. It’s a lot. But we at Blueprint want to offer our collective hand to help you out. So for this week only, we’re offering 20% off all tutoring purchases, to give you a little one-on-one help before test day. From right now until Friday, August 4th at 6:30 pm PDT, you can get 20% off any tutoring purchase with us, from purchasing tutoring hours a la carte to our premier packages. Just enter the promo code SUMMER20 at checkout to take advantage.

    And our tutors are amazing people. Each and every Blueprint tutor:

    • Scored 170 or better on an actual LSAT;
    • Received 70 hours of in-person training, by Blueprint’s founders, before being hired.
    • Knows the Blueprint method front-to-back;
    • Is available live or via Skype chat.

    Also, the tutors are all lovable nerds who know way too much about this LSAT who can’t wait to use that knowledge to help you. And how can they help you? They can:

    • Identify your LSAT weaknesses and develop a plan to attack them;
    • Supply tips to bring up your speed on all three LSAT sections;
    • Craft a study plan to keep you on track through test day;
    • Review practice exams to help you do better on the next one;
    • Provide emotional support (yes, really!);
    • Give you law school admissions advice.

    And, to take a broad view of the value you can get with tutoring, an increased LSAT score obviously means an increased chance of attending your dream school. But it also means increasing your chances of being awarded a scholarship or grant, which can save you thousands in student loans. LSAT scores are also correlated with good academic performance in law school, which can only increase your chances of landing that dream job. And with first-year associate pay at $180,000 at many big law firms–that’s a whole lot of value.

    So, to take advantage of this limited-time discount, and all that comes with it, take a look at our tutoring packages, and enter promo code SUMMER20 at checkout. Again, the offer ends this Friday at 6:30 pm, so don’t wait!

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