This Earth Day, Ensure Your LSAT Prep Environment is Stable

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    Today is Earth Day, so let’s hope you’re being extra conscientious about keeping our environment healthy (you know, recycling, staying away from single-use cups and the like). While you’re being inundated with “green” messages on the interwebs, let’s also take a moment to ensure that your LSAT study environment stays healthy as well.

    Just follow these quick tips and you’ll be back to saving your LSAT score (and Earth) in no time.

    Earth Day LSAT Prep Tip I: Have a routine and stick to it

    Your LSAT study should be a daily appointment for you. You need to set aside the proper amount of time, ahead of time, to ensure that you don’t fall behind. Scheduling around your studies will allow you to develop a routine. You’ll figure out how early you need to get up in the morning. You’ll figure out when you ought to go to the gym. You’ll figure out when you can schedule some down time. Everything will fall neatly into place. Just make sure to leave yourself some wiggle room to account for that pesky variable known as “life.”

    Earth Day LSAT Prep Tip II: Don’t change your life (too much)

    Studying for the LSAT can be burdensome at best and highly stressful at worst. High-stress situations are not the time to make major changes to your life. If you’re in a relationship when you start studying for the LSAT, I’d advise you to stay in said relationship (provided you let your significant other know that the time you’ll be spending with them will likely become less significant). Do you hit the gym regularly? Keep on keeping on. Have a weekly lawn bowling appointment? Keep it. In LSAT terms, a stable environment is a healthy environment.

    Earth Day LSAT Prep Tip III: Pace yourself

    You’re not going to learn everything all at once. Your LSAT score won’t go up 15 points overnight. Studying to the point of exhaustion is no better than slacking off (okay, maybe it’s a teensy bit better). You will most definitely be studying a lot if you do all your scheduled homework. That said, if you start getting a bunch of easy questions wrong, take a break. Go for a walk. Grab a cup of tea. Take a nap. Give yourself a mental respite. It’s not practice that makes perfect. It’s perfect practice that makes perfect. If your mental state degrades to the point where your performance on LSAT test day is negatively affected, you need to step away from the books for a moment. You’ll be better for it, and so will your LSAT study environment.

    Now go forth and be fruitful.

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