Things to Buy for Law School with Your Tax Refund

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    It’s Tax Day today, so hopefully everyone out there has already filed. Especially since there’s a demy-crat in the office, so we’re probably all getting some of that sweet socialist money back.

    Thanks to the wonders of TurboTax, I’m getting a nice refund deposited directly into my checking account sometime in the next week. But what should I spend that money on? I’m open to suggestions in the comments, dear readers – go to town.

    But what should the prospective law student do with those sweet, sweet Obamabucks? The options are quite endless, but here are the top five:

    1. Spend it all on one last hurrah. While you’ll have time during law school to go out and enjoy life (if you plan correctly), there will be a lot more work than you’re used to. This is especially the case if you’re coming straight from undergrad. Believe me: most of you don’t know what a full week is. So take that refund (which should be pretty decent if you’re a student), plan a trip, and waste all that cash on bad decisions.

    2. Go out and buy a nice suit. Not at Men’s Warehouse; I’m talking something classy. Maybe even something bespoke, if your refund is exceptionally generous. You’ll be heading to a lot of networking events at law school, and people notice someone in a nice suit.

    3. Booze. There, I said it. Stop drinking stuff out of a plastic bottle and start developing a taste for Scotch. Being able to handle some Laphroig is eventually going to impress an old-school partner out there somewhere.

    4. Invest in the ‘How I’m Going To Pay Back My Student Loans’ fund. Law school is expensive. I talked about handling law school student loans a bit recently. Why not get a head start on the whole ‘where did my paycheck go?’ syndrome by starting up a law school fund? It’s probably one of the more responsible things you can do, so it’ll make you feel like an adult. Though if you wanted to feel like an adult, you’d probably be getting a job instead of heading to more school!

    5. Take your parents out to dinner. They’ve been supportive your whole life, and they deserve it. Or they haven’t, and you can start rubbing your law school success in their faces a little early. Either way, I recommend the pasta.

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