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Things LSAT Students Should Do Before the World Ends

If you’ve recently submitted your law school applications you’re probably anxiously awaiting to hear back from your various dream schools. Your preoccupation with pending law school decisions can be so extreme that it becomes downright debilitating. The stress of waiting for admittance decisions may be preventing you from being a normal, productive human being. Many pre-law students around the country might even be wondering if they fit the criteria for a prescription to some OCD medication. Before we get too carried away, allow me to put things into perspective:

The world is going to end on December 21, 2012…

…at least according to the Mayan calendar. See, don’t you feel better? Instead of worrying about getting rejected by a law school, all you have to worry about is a violent apocalypse.

If the Mayans were correct (which they weren’t, due to the fact that the Mayan Civilization was one of the most impractical, imprudent, and irrational civilizations of its time) there is truly no reason at all to waste energy on stressing over law school applications, or anything else for that matter. This last week should be dedicated to living it up to the absolute fullest without regard for any future endeavors.

That means you can go out there and egg the LSAC head offices without having to worry about the repercussions. Feel free to TP your LSAT instructor’s house, because you sure as hell won’t be needing his or help anymore. You might even want to pick your favorite reading comp passage and tattoo it to your chest in Old English to get that LSAT street cred you’ve always wanted. Once you’ve done that you might as well quit worrying about tuition and use those student loans to buy a Range Rover. Or, at the very least, hold off on your Christmas shopping until December 22. These are just some of the many great options for any pre-law student to indulge in — assuming the Mayan calendar is correct, of course.

Personally, I’m going to go by my iPhone calendar, which indicates that the world is going to continue for quite a while longer. I think it’s wise to at least wait until you see some giant ruptures in the ground before you start lobbing eggs. And before you do decide to execute any of the aforementioned suggestions, I would suggest first finding yourself a good lawyer. Or John Cusak.