The Winner of Our LSAT Instagram Contest Is…

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A week ago we initiated what will someday be referred to as the most groundbreaking and epic publicity initiative in world history.

    Well, that’s possibly an exaggeration. But we did hold our first ever Instagram contest.

    In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked our followers to count their blessings, then tag their photos with #theLSATmakesmethankfulfor. We got a ton of great entries, so let’s count down some of our favorites before we get to our grand prize winner.

    5. #theLSATmakesmethankfulfor Christmas, because it will give me something else to think about while waiting to hear my score.


    @charlestonrosie got some of the Scrooges in our office into the holiday spirit with this photo of a quintessential (and LSAT-free) holiday town.

    4. #theLSATmakesmethankfulfor feeding my caffeine addiction… Multiple times a day.


    @jovilee_mae, we’re coffee addicts, too. Keep feeding the beast.

    3. #theLSATmakesmethankfulfor online prep tools and red wine after long days at work!


    @shesinkanyemode, you’re a girl after our hearts. We love online prep tools. We love red wine. And you get extra credit for two-photos-in-one. Unfortunately, there’s something we love more than all of that…

    2. #theLSATmakesmethankfulfor SLEEP!


    @prettyquan had a ton of great entries in the contest, and this was one of our office favorites. We’ve all been that little girl, especially after a long day of LSAT studying. But that little girl’s cuteness couldn’t quite overcome the selfie power of…

    1. #theLSATmakesmethankfulfor #sleep.


    @kiplingbiggs takes home a free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games for her mid-nap selfie. If only all preppers were dedicated enough to keep an LSAT book on their pillow.

    Thanks to all of our entrants, and keep on the lookout for our next contest by following us on Instagram!

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