The Ultimate Study Playlist for October LSAT Prep

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    While in the midst of your October LSAT prep, do you find yourself struggling towards the end of a marathon Logical Reasoning study session? Need a little more juice to get through that last Reading Comp passage? Sounds like you need a bit of a pump up.

    I’ve got just the thing.

    Add the following tunes to your Spotify/iTunes/vinyl LSAT prep playlist and get ready for some LSAT clairvoyance.

    Roger Hodgson – Logical Song

    This lovely track features a delicious 80’s synth-pop melody, a catchy chorus line and a saxophone solo. Also, it has “logical” in the title. This should get an automatic submission to your LSAT prep playlist.

    Joe Cocker – With a Little Help From My Friends

    What does The Wonder Years have to do with the LSAT? Josh Saviano (or Paul, as you may remember him) was Fred Savage’s best friend on the show. Saviano eventually left stardom behind to become a real life attorney at a big intellectual property firm. Is his success linked with hearing this stirring melody over and over? Debatable, but I’m leaning towards yes. Hear for yourself.

    Third Eye Blind – Graduate

    Prosaic melody sprinkled with a good portion of lyrical teen angst? Add a bit of middle school nostalgia and we’re in! As the title suggests, perhaps focusing on the day you graduate from law school will make tackling that next LSAT Logic Game much easier. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s a good tune.

    Chemical Brothers – The Test

    It’s decent ambient music, and it’s about passing a test. What more could you ask for in an LSAT prep music companion? Fair warning, however: Don’t watch the video. You’ll only end up more confused than you started.

    Finally, a song to REMOVE from your playlist:

    Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

    Anti-institutionalism is the last thing you need whilst studying for the LSAT — a test designed to help you get admitted to law school. We don’t need no education? No good. Stay away.

    Also, resist the temptation to see if playing the whole album backwards really does match up with the Wizard of Oz.

    Now get back to your LSAT prep.

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