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The Top Law Schools in Oregon

Thanks to its three top-ranked law schools, Oregon offers a wide range of options for students interested in a legal career. When researching top law schools, there are a variety of things to consider, including the faculty, placement options, and curriculum.

We broke down all the info about Oregon’s top three law schools for you.

Top Law Schools in Oregon

1. University of Oregon School of Law

U.S. News Best Law School Ranking: #67

Tuition: $44,082 (in-state, full-time); $54,864 (out-of-state, full-time) 

Average GPA: 3.57

Average LSAT Score: 158

Acceptance Rate: 49%

Bar Passage Rate: 90%

The University of Oregon School of Law at the University of Oregon ranks #1 in Legal Writing, #7 in Environmental Law, and #9 in Dispute Resolution. It is the best-ranked school in the state to offer a three-year, full-time Juris Doctor (J.D.) program. The school boasts a top-notch legal faculty, hands-on and practical learning opportunities, and a personalized approach to educating students on the core skills involved in legal practice. It is renowned for providing students with excellent legal and conflict resolution training in a supportive, cooperative atmosphere.

2. Lewis & Clark Law School 

U.S. News Best Law School Ranking: #88

Tuition: $53,666 (full-time); $40,248 (part-time) 

Average GPA: 3.51

Average LSAT Score: 154

Acceptance Rate: 55%

Bar Passage Rate: 80.47%

Affiliated with the Lewis & Clark College, the law school is located in Portland. The Lewis & Clark Law School attracts law aspirants interested in a curriculum and training system that is learner-centered, collaborative and encouraging, multicultural and inclusive, intellectually challenging, socially conscious, and administered by accomplished faculty members. Students can specialize in several areas, including animal law, sports law, business and commercial law, criminal law, environmental law and natural resources law, energy, innovation, and sustainability law, federal taxation law, international law, intellectual property law, and public interest law. 

3. Willamette University College of Law

U.S. News Best Law School Ranking: #129

Tuition: $72,232 (full-time); $22,696 (part-time) 

Average GPA: 3.25

Average LSAT Score: 154

Acceptance Rate: 68.48%

Bar Passage Rate: 84.8%

The College of Law at Willamette University in Salem is right across from the Oregon State Capitol and State Supreme Court, making it a highly valued location for those aspiring to become successful law practitioners in the U.S. Graduates of the College of Law at Willamette University are usually among the brightest legal minds, critical thinkers, community leaders, decision-makers, and agents of change in U.S. legal professions. The school has the highest graduate employment figure among all of Oregon’s law schools.

How can you get accepted to a law school in Oregon?

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