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The Jedi’s Guide to the Best LSAT Playlist


You’ve been preparing for what seems like years. In terms of LSAT acumen, you’ve gone from Sarah Palin’s baby to Bobby Fischer, sans the anti-semitism. Now it’s time to perform the most important task of all. You need to find the perfect game-day playlist. Four out of five Survivor members agree that blasting Eye of the Tiger from your car on the way to the testing center can seriously give you a five point boost. You need to think long and hard about it. In the interest of both helping you and alleviating my boredom, here are some suggestions.

Wagner: Flight of the Valkyries
Imagine yourself as an LSAT viking, raping and pillaging everything you come across (metaphorically, of course).

ELO: Mr. Blue Sky
If everyone listed to this song, the pharmaceutical industry would go out of business, because no one would need anti-depressants anymore.

K.C. and the Sunshine Band: Boogie Shoes
I’m a big believer in the power of Disco. Basically the soundtrack to either Saturday Night Fever or Boogie Nights would be a safe bet. You might consider waking up at 5 AM so you can listen to the soundtracks in their entirety. Man, those are both such awesome movies. I wish I grew up in the 70’s. I can’t imagine anyone making sweet movies about the 2000’s thirty years from now.

The Mountain Goats: Quito
Go listen to the Mountain Goats. They’re the best band in the world.

David Bowie: Suffragette City
“Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am!”

Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
I know it seems a bit obvious, but I challenge anyone to not feel awesome after listening to this. Arguably even more motivating is the following track, Crescendolls.

Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now
The obvious choice. This is pure motivation in musical form. I could build an actual barn in 2 hours if I was listening to Queen. This whole article is basically moot, because you should really just listen to “The Platinum Collection” before the LSAT. The reason they don’t allow headphones in the LSAT is because if they did then everyone would listen to Queen while they took the test, and everyone would get 180s, and the legal profession would crumble.

What about you guys? Any suggestions for best pre-game music?