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The Dangers of Falling Behind in Your December LSAT Prep

December LSAT test day is just six weeks away and that means you’re (hopefully) well underway with your LSAT prep. Beware, however, as now is the time that many students experience hitting a wall in their LSAT prep…hard. Hitting walls is no fun, especially when you hit them with your head. The Situation knows this all too well. Besides getting into drunken confrontations with Ronnie, many people run into walls during this stage of LSAT prep because the workload from school really starts to pick up around this time of year.

Projects, papers, and midterms are piling up right now for a lot of you, and you probably feel that there simply isn’t enough time to give your LSAT prep the attention it deserves. Remember, though: the LSAT’s hunger for attention can only be matched by that of a Kardashian sister. This means that LSAT prep can’t be put on the backburner for anything, including school.

I’m not saying that you should neglect your school work, but keep in mind that law school admissions typically place more weight on the LSAT than your entire cumulative GPA. In other words, the LSAT should be your number one priority, even if that means letting your schoolwork take a bit of a hit.
Ideally, of course, you’d like to stay on top of your LSAT prep while simultaneously taking care of business inside the classroom. This means you will need to stay organized and devote some time to your LSAT prep each and every day. The December LSAT is notorious for creeping up on people because the chaos of school and the holiday season. Try not to get too distracted by Halloween parties or Thanksgiving travel plans, because that December 1 LSAT test date will be here before you can say, “Pass the gravy.”

Look at the LSAT prep as if it were a muscle. If you don’t work out for a couple weeks, your rock hard abs and pecks will begin to atrophy. By the same token, you can’t just work out seven times a day to make up for weeks of sitting on your butt. The only way to build up muscle is to work out for moderate amounts of time, but with tremendous consistency. So get out your LSAT books and pump up those big, vascular LSAT muscles.

And take it easy on the gravy.