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Still Time to Take Advantage of Blueprint’s 5 and 5 Deal

A handful of our spring LSAT courses will begin on Sunday, and there’s not much time left before Blueprint’s spring LSAT courses in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Seattle kick off. These are our latest expansion locations, so we’re extremely excited to see how things go.

As you may or may not have heard, to commemorate the expansions we’re offering a one-of-a-kind promotion that, quite frankly, we felt deserved its own blog post. So here we are.

It’s called the 5&5 Deal, and not only is it alliterative (BIG WORD ALERT! BIG WORD ALERT!), but it’s just a damn good bargain. Here’s the scoop: The regular price for a Blueprint LSAT Preparation live LSAT course is $1,299. But because we already like all of you Atlanta LSAT prep, Chicago LSAT prep, Dallas LSAT prep, Houston LSAT prep, Miami LSAT prep and Seattle LSAT prep students, we’re giving you a $500 discount off the spring LSAT course. Same curriculum. Same books. Same LSAT ninja training. On sale for $799.

But, as indicated by the other 5 in the title, that’s not all.

We’re so excited for the expansions that we’re guaranteeing you will improve five points from your first practice exam to your best — or we’ll let you take the course again for free. You can scour the ‘net all you want, but you won’t find a better guarantee than that.

Find out more info by clicking the 5&5 Deal icon on each expansion location page. Here, let me help you out:

Atlanta LSAT prep: Grab a Coke and go now.

Chicago LSAT prep: Save your money on Cubs season tickets.

Dallas LSAT prep: Don’t shoot JR. Take BP.

Houston LSAT prep: It’s time to blast off for LSAT and beyond.

Miami LSAT prep: Bikinis are allowed in class.

Seattle LSAT prep: It’s raining right now, isn’t it?

Take advantage of the 5&5 Deal, and you’ll not only save a ton of money — you’ll improve on the LSAT.

That’s a guarantee.