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Six Things to Do After Taking the New York LSAT

There are some moments in your life that you’ll never forget. That first kiss. When she said, “Yes!” Flying over the Vegas Strip for the first time.

Then, there are some moments in your life that you’ll never remember. The one most relevant to all of you is immediately after taking your LSAT, New York students. The rush of adrenaline, the crushing weight of your future – all of these will lead you to go out and forget your troubles, Cheers-style.

Instead, here is a list of some post-LSAT New York activities that you will want to remember. Though you can (and should) still have a few drinks.

Post-New York LSAT Activity I: Shower

Let’s be honest, New York LSAT students – your first step should be a shower. Feel free to bring a shower beer in with you. There’s almost nothing…Alright, there’s something wrong with that, but you shouldn’t necessarily care right now.

Post-New York LSAT Activity II: Standup

After the LSAT, New York offers a ton of opportunities to watch struggling comedians try out their jokes on an unsuspecting public.

Most of the time, they suck.

However, there are a few great standup shows in New York, LSAT students. One of my favorites is at Beauty Bar (231 E. 14th St.). Requiring advanced booking if you want to perform, the hosts (Pete and Ilya) have listened to the bad jokes for you, New York LSAT-takers, and weeded out the duds. They’ve also managed to book several high-profile comedians, so definitely check this out.

Post-New York LSAT Activity III: Karaoke

New York LSAT students, there’s nothing to remind you what life’s all about more than karaoke. Honestly, making a complete ass of yourself should help take some of that New York LSAT stress away.

My favorite place is Radio Star Karaoke. Call ahead to reserve a room with a few friends (if you have any left after your break-downs over the past few months), sing some Nena (bonus points if you can sing it in German), and get the unlimited drink special. I don’t quite remember the cost, but I remember loudly proclaiming that it was perfectly reasonable. After the LSAT, New York students, you deserve it.

And if you’re going, leave a note in the comments – I’ll try to show up. I do an awesome Space Oddity.

Post-New York LSAT Activity IV: Show

Need some class, New York LSAT students? Check out a show.

Sure, you could hit up one of the big ones (though I guarantee you that you won’t be able to hold the fact that you saw Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark over anyone’s head), but if you really want a different experience, check out Sleep No More.

This immersive show is one that you won’t want to forget, New York LSAT party people. It’s intense, exciting, and most likely the inspiration for a recent Law & Order: SVU episode you watched while procrastinating from your studies.

Post-New York LSAT Activity V: Burlesque

Burlesque is one of those things that quite easily can devolve into just a strip show. Which completely misses the point.

To all you taking the LSAT, New York has some of the best, traditional burlesque troops out there. Honed through years of practice, these troupes have entire routines worked out with hosts that emcee the entire process.

My personal favorite is D20 Burlesque, mainly because I’m a huge nerd. New York LSAT students should check out their next show and get transported back in time to the days when vaudeville troupes toured the country. I don’t want to say it was a better time (because we have Netflix and DVR), but it certainly was an entertaining time.

Post-New York LSAT Activity VI: Get Drunk

Or you could just get drunk after the New York LSAT. My favorite place? Who cares. Just find a place with some booze and go to town.