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Sink Your Teeth into an Easter Bunny LSAT Logic Game

Easter was yesterday, and by all reports the Easter Bunny had another successful campaign. But before any old rabbit can gain the title of Easter Bunny, he must audition.

Here’s an LSAT logic game on that very subject:

Seven bunny-rabbits: Fluffy, Harry, Jack, Playboy, Roger, Trix, and Velveteen, each audition exactly once for a position as Easter Bunny. No two rabbits audition at the same time. The following must obtain:

Roger and Playboy audition consecutively.
Velveteen auditions at some time before Jack or at some time after Trix, but not both.
Fluffy auditions at some time after Trix and at some time before Roger.
Harry auditions at some time after Fluffy.

Which of the following could be the order, from first to last, in which the rabbits audition?
(A) Velveteen, Jack, Trix, Fluffy, Roger, Harry, Playboy
(B) Velveteen, Trix, Fluffy, Jack, Playboy, Roger, Harry
(C) Velveteen, Trix, Harry, Fluffy, Roger, Playboy, Jack
(D) Trix, Fluffy, Harry, Playboy, Roger, Velveteen, Jack
(E) Jack, Trix, Velveteen, Roger, Playboy, Fluffy, Harry

Which of the following is a complete and accurate list of the rabbits each of which could have the first audition?
(A) Jack, Trix
(B) Velveteen
(C) Jack, Trix, Playboy
(D) Jack, Trix, Velveteen
(E) Velveteen, Playboy

If Jack has the first audition, each of the following could be true EXCEPT:
(A) Fluffy auditions third
(B) Roger auditions last
(C) Trix auditions third
(D) Velveteen auditions last
(E) Velveteen auditions third

If P auditions third, in which of the following positions could Velveteen audition?
(A) first
(B) second
(C) fourth
(D) fifth
(E) sixth

If Jack has the last audition, which of the following must be true?
(A) Trix auditions second
(B) Harry auditions fourth
(C) Roger auditions fourth
(D) Playboy auditions fifth
(E) Playboy auditions sixth

If exactly one rabbit auditions after Velveteen but before Harry, then for how many of the rabbits can the spot in which they audition be completely determined?
(A) two
(B) three
(C) four
(D) five
(E) six

Answers: 1. B; 2. D; 3. C; 4. E; 5. A; 6. B