Rap’s Biggest Fans: The Supreme Court?

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    President Obama became embroiled in yet another controversy last week when he dissed the New York Times’ guacamole recipe (consequently, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly lambasted the President for what critics have dubbed the administration’s “War on Peas”).

    This isn’t the first time the President’s made a splash in contemporary pop culture. He’s noted for numerous appearances in Millennial-loved media – such as Buzzfeed and Between Two Ferns – and he cites rapper Jay-Z as among his favorite musical artists (even taking the time out of a full day of Presidenting to spit a diss track over Hov’s seminal “99 Problems”).

    And yet, another branch of the federal government may just have him beat when it comes to captivating the minds of the youth and paying homage to hip-hop’s greats. Yes, I’m talking about none other than the Supreme Court of the United States, and especially the Notorious R.B.G. In the last few years Justice Ginsburg has amassed something of a cult following, advanced as much by her charisma as by her liberal ideology. Since her inception as the Court’s Biggie Smalls spirit, she has registered her “distress” over the popularity of tattoos of her crowned head, but has nonetheless embraced her new moniker and lived up to the title.

    And we aren’t through yet — this last cycle Chief Justice John Roberts got down to some Eminem right in the middle of the Court, and later delivered the opinion affirming his right to post his ill lyrics on Facebook or Insta, if he so chose.

    And these folks don’t just dabble in rap: Justice Kagan peppered a recent decision on patents and Spider Man action figures with some hilarious (if groan-worthy) references to the law’s established “web of precedents”; Justice Scalia invoked Godwin’s law, the incontrovertible code of the internet, in a recent speech; and Justice Thomas just made a huge impression at San Diego’s Comic-Con dressed as Xena, the Warrior Princess (what, you didn’t hear about that one..?).

    What have I missed? Are the robed renegades up to anything else interesting? Are you looking for a fan base for your hot new SCOTUS mixtape? Comment/link below!

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