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Outback LSAT


Did you know you can take the LSAT in Australia?  They have eight different testing centers spread across the vast wasteland. Let’s talk about Australia for a minute. I’ve never been to the place, but I’m fully prepared to start making some broad, unfounded generalizations about it.  The whole country can be extremely hazardous to your health.  Kangaroos are more or less overgrown rodents that can kill you.  And have you heard of the funnel web spider?  It’s like the scariest animal ever, and it’s only in Australia.  There is also this tiny jellyfish whose sting causes so much pain, that lasts for so long, that doctors have to make sure that sting victims don’t kill themselves to end the agony. And have you ever taken an LSAT sitting next to a Kangaroo? Get ready for that, because you’re allowed to marry them there.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.

As it turns out, you can take the LSAT pretty much wherever you want.  There are multiple centers on 6 continents (and one pending on Ross Island).  Australia is the leader of the pack with 8, and that’s probably the only time they get to say that about anything.  But basically, wherever you would expect to find lazy American exchange students, you’ll find the test.

There are the old euro standbys such as France (where you are allowed to give up after the first ten questions) and Germany (where you can take it in the Amerika Haus, which sounds like some sort of themed hamburger joint).  Do you know where the Northern Mariana Islands are?  If you can find them, you can take the LSAT there.  How about if you’re looking for Latin flair?  Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, they’re all there.  Olé!  Did you know that there is a country called Kyrgyzstan?  It’s probably in Asia somewhere, and they’re famous for offering the LSAT.

Anyway, xenophobic stereotypes aside, if you do take it in another country, it’s the exact same thing that we get back here.  It’s still going to be in English, there will still be both the experimental and writing sample sections, and you’re still going to want to vomit when it’s all over.  But there are some things to consider before you plan on making the exotic LSAT a reality.  For one, what if you’re taking the LSAT on your vacation?  Answer: you’re an idiot; enjoy your vacation and take the LSAT later.  What if you’re taking the LSAT during a semester abroad?  Answer: you’re still an idiot; enjoy your four months of licentious lifestyle and take the LSAT after you’re done with your “extension classes” at the Universidad de Madrid.

If you’re really determined to take the LSAT outside of the states, there are some basics of which you need to be aware.  For one, you need to know how to find the classroom, so if you’re in Asia or something you better figure out how they write numbers in Asian.  And you have to make sure you know how to get to the facility.  If you’re driving, you probably need to figure out in advance on which side of the road you need to drive (this almost got me killed in Ireland).  Also, you need to know how to get directions, and be able to read the street signs.  I just looked at and had a panic attack.

Of course, if you live in a foreign country and want to go to law schools in America, you’re obviously going to be taking it abroad, which I guess isn’t “abroad” for you.  Congrats on coming to America, and get ready to taste the freedom (and ensuing obesity).

So at the end of the day, the international LSAT is always an option.  But studying for the LSAT is a long and arduous process, so if your time abroad is supposed to be in any way, shape, or form “fun,” you should really consider putting the test off until you’re back stateside.

Oh, and Canada!  I nearly forgot.  It’s everywhere there!  You have to take the LSAT if you want to go to a Canadian law school, with the added bonus that Canadian beer has a higher alcohol content.  And not a funnel spider in sight.