Our Early Bird Sale for the Fall Classes Starts Wednesday!

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    As you’ve probably heard, LSAC has changed the LSAT schedule around this year. The good news is that there are more LSATs. But if you’re not careful, the LSAT can sneak up on you.

    This year, after the September LSAT, the next LSAT will be in November. Not December like it’s been since the beginning of time, but November. If you’re thinking about the November LSAT now, you’re ahead of the game, and we at Blueprint have a little something to reward you.

    We’re having an Early Bird Sale on our classes for the November LSAT. The sale will run from this Wednesday July 23 through next Wednesday August 1. You’ll get $300 off our classroom course or $75 off your first month of our online course. All you have to do is use the promo code earlybird300 (classroom) or earlybird75 (online, but you probably figured that out) when you register.

    If you go for our classroom course, you’ll get to spend a whole bunch of time with one of our stellar instructors, who have been extensively trained and screened for personality, LSAT score (at least 170) and teaching ability. You’ll also get to study alongside other people with the same goals. Some of them may have missed this sale, so you’ll feel like you’re the savvy one. Your homework will be so smart it adapts to you, giving you questions that match your level of ability. You get access to every released LSAT question, with explanations. If you miss a class or just want to review something, you also get access to our online class.

    Do you prefer to study for the LSAT at 3AM in your underwear? For now, at least, the online class is your ticket. You get the same adaptive homework, the same books, and the same curriculum. That curriculum gets delivered through hilarious videos featuring Blueprint OGs Trent and Matt and lots of animations. Take your preconceptions of an LSAT instructional video and throw them out the window, because this is much better. If you have any questions, you’ll get to email your Study Buddy, an LSAT expert who’s there to help.

    The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the discounted LSAT prep. But don’t delay. If you miss this sale, you’ll still be able to study for the November LSAT. You’ll still be able to take one of our classes. But you’ll miss out on this discount, and your bank account will never forgive you.

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