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Next Step talking LSAT with Minnesota public radio

I was just interviewed by Paul Tosto at Minnesota Public Radio on the increasing number of older law schools applicants and some of the challenges they face.  You can read the whole thing here. An except:

Rood says he sees many older applicants looking to take the test on short notice.

This was certainly the case this December and January which are traditionally slower months; the February LSAT (the test is administered 4 times per year) is a “last call” for 2010 law school admissions and I saw heavy interest from older applicants.”Older applicants are less likely to be familiar with the law school application process. A great example: law schools (like other grad schools) highly value academic letters of recommendation, but working professionals have usually lost contact with old professors. They are more likely to be uncertain about things like personal statements.

Older applicants are more likely to be bound geographically by family, real estate, etc. I see many older students that have identified 1-2 law schools (often in smaller cities); if they don’t get into these schools, they won’t go to law school.

For comparison, most undergrads plan on applying to 5-15 schools and going wherever fate takes them.

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