More LSAT and Law School Admissions Webinars Coming Up on 9/12!

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    Alright friends, it’s discount time!

    We’ll be hosting two webinars on September 12. If you attend either webinar, you will get $300 off our live course and $75 off the first month of an online course subscription. Just click on the links below to RSVP.

    Tuesday, September 12th at 12pm: Law School Admissions Webinar

    Our law school admissions webinar will take you through the whole process of applying to law school, from personal statements, to recommendation letters, to application mechanics. Do you want to know how far your monster GPA will get you? (Hint: not as far as a monster LSAT score). How about how to ask for a recommendation letter? And how to explain away that felony arrest? Oh yeah, we gotcha covered.

    Ross Rinehart will run the Law School Admissions Webinar. Ross took his 170 LSAT score to USC School of Law and now he’s here to demystify the admissions process for you.

    To RSVP for our Law School Admissions Webinar, click here.

    Tuesday, September 12th at 6pm: LSAT Webinar

    The LSAT webinar will open your eyes to the joys of translating English into formal logic and the horror that is “Logical Reasoning.” The main takeaway will be that the most impenetrable LSAT questions are extremely learnable because there’s a method to all the madness. By the end of the session you’ll have a weird Stockholm attachment to your LSAT.

    Scott Redding will be your LSAT guide for the evening. Scott is a poet (no really, he’s a poet), who somehow managed to score a 177 on his LSAT. Basically he’s like a really sappy Spock. Students have reported that just being around him leads to score increases.

    To RSVP for our LSAT Webinar, just click here.

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