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Make Sure You’re Taking Advantage of All LSAC Has to Offer

If you ask my students (and I often do), the LSAC is an evil organization meant to keep you from going to the law school of your choice, take your money, and probably kick you in the groin a few times. The more melodramatic ones suggest that they barter in stolen souls.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Well, I guess the soul thing could be true; I don’t know what currency they accept at the company store.

In reality, the LSAC is a business with two sets of clients. The first set is you, the pre-law student. They’re trying to sell you products to help you in the law school application process. The second set is the law schools, which use the LSAC to screen candidates.

Relevant to you are the services LSAC offers to students to help them through the law school application process. And they have some great ones. All stemming from their JD portal.

Want to learn more about the LSAT? Head over to their section on preparing for the test. It’ll explain all the basics of the exam to you.

Already know the basics? It’s time to start prepping for the content. Luckily, they provide you with an LSAT practice test, sample questions with explanations, and links to purchase additional practice tests. This is a great supplement to your Blueprint LSAT Prep course. You can even get free video explanations for the entire free practice test at that link by heading to the Blueprint LSAT Prep free help area.

Done with the LSAT? The LSAC still has you covered.

Start off with an overview of the application process, each element of which will be processed through LSAC’s ridiculously easy-to-use Credential Assembly Service. Seriously, this program is going to save you hours of time by collecting everything in a central place and building your law school applications for you.

Not sure where to apply? Take a look at the LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools, which will give you information about students from the most recent admitted class.

The LSAC also knows that it’s not just about finding a law school that will admit you – you should have higher standards than that. You want to be as choosy as the law schools, and you can do so with a little bit of research in their section on how to evaluate law schools.

So take some time to go through all the information on LSAC’s website. There’s some great stuff on there if you just know where to look.