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Logical Scream-onings

A. Don’t forget you ghouls and goblins, we’re running a contest for Halloween week here at Ghost Strongly Supported. Post your best LSAT- or law-related Halloween costume or pumpkin carving on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #booprint for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Blueprint LSAT

B. Scary that Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate GOP nominee who does not believe in the rule of law, ever graduated from law school. The New Yorker has a story about how he earned the nickname Fruit Salad for how mixed up he was while at the University of Alabama Law School. New Yorker

C. A study shows that some private law schools are in for a frightening tuition hike in the near future. Better nail down the LSAT and get accepted now, before that happens. Above the Law

D. Conspiracy-minded people the world over were waiting for the release of classified documents related to the JFK assassination … and Trump decided to delay that, presumably to maintain the fiction that Ted Cruz’s father was the killer. Washington Post

E. He did find time to declare a national emergency for the opioid epidemic, but not the time to dedicate funds or call upon Congress to dedicate funds to trying to solve it. The Hill