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Logical Reasonings

A) Surprise your husband on your wedding day by looking like a totally different person. The ghastliest idea for a reality TV show, ever. Lemondrop.

B) Justice Alito may have a problem with “revealing body images” and “full-body pat downs” of new airport screening technology. There’s a joke in here somewhere. ABA Journal.

C) Is it just us, or is it weird for The Washington Post, which owns Kaplan, to be commenting on a possible new Kaplan law school like it doesn’t own Kaplan? The Washington Post.

D) High level diplomatic information provided by WikiLeaks: Middle Eastern nations more concerned about Iran’s nuclear program than thought, Putin is an “alpha-dog” and Moammar Gadhafi enjoys the companionship of a “voluptuous blonde” Ukrainian nurse. Yahoo News.

E) Actor Leslie Nielson dies at 84. World mourns even though he had a girl’s name. Youtube.