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Logical Reasonings

A. A reminder that the deadline to withdraw from the January LSAT for a partial (some would say paltry) refund, or to change your test date or location, is this Friday. So mull over that decision this week. LSAC

B. A big take away from the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools: despite many schools now accepting the GRE, “if you want to go to law school, best to take and do well on the LSAT.” Above the Law

C. You would think a law school celebrating pro-bono work wouldn’t ruffle the feathers of many alumni. That wasn’t the case for the University of Chicago Law School, unfortunately. Above the Law

D. The Con Law question of the day: do Trump’s “emergency powers” justify building a border wall? NPR breaks it down.NPR

E. Speaking of the federal government, what are the federal courts doing during the government shutdown? Potentially running out of money … that seems to be what’s happening over there. ABA Journal