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Logical Reasonings

A. You’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of “Best of 2018” lists in the last few weeks, so how about a “Worst of 2018” list? Here are the ten worst law schools of the year. The Faculty Lounge

B. RBG debuted a new Wonder Woman-inspired, fan-gifted necklace in her most recent SCOTUS portrait. Town and Country Mag

C. While RBG may look bulletproof in her new digs, Kavanaugh is apparently actually bulletproof. 83 ethics complaints against Kavanaugh, filed while he was a judge on the 10th Circuit, have been dismissed. ABA Journal

D. An overwhelming, bipartisan majority of the Senate voted to make sweeping changes to the criminal justice system, with measures that will shave 53,000 years off federal inmates’ sentences over the next 10 years. Washington Post

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You That in Your Professional Ethics Class: Don’t text a colleague to tell her she has a “nice body,” especially if you qualify that statement with “for a 70 year old.” ABA Journal