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Logical Reasonings

A. Even though they determine — to a large extent — your employment prospects, law school grades are apparently pretty arbitrary, at least according to one former law student. Above the Law

B. Speaking of law school grades, they’re almost entirely based on final exams. Meaning those exams are pretty stressful. Here’s some good advice one what not to do after a law school final advice, most of which doubles as good advice on what not to do after an LSAT practice exam. Above the Law

C. According to a new opinion, lawyers getting paid through crowdfunding is generally fine, as long as they aren’t running the GoFundMe page. Legal Profession Blog

D. Law Schools Be Struggling, Part 1: Thomas Jefferson Law School in San Diego is on its last legs, struggling to make it past 2020. Voice of San Diego

E. Law Schools Be Struggling, Part 2: Valparaiso Law School in Indiana won’t make it past 2020. The Indiana Lawyer