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Logical Reasonings

A. September LSAT scores will be released tomorrow, and if you need a distraction from that, well, this whole Kavanaugh ordeal is providing more than enough details to get lost in. First, a lot of people called for an FBI investigation into the accusations levied against Kavanaugh. Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor who questioned Ford and Kavanaugh yesterday, was one person who suggested that maybe the FBI should look into this. NY Times

B. Another call for an FBI investigation came from the ABA, which previously determined that Kavanaugh was “very qualified” for the seat. ABA Journal

C. Yet another request came from Kavanaugh’s alma matter, Yale. Above the Law

D. And, most importantly, a demand for an investigation came Senator Jeff Flake of the Judiciary Committee, who said he’d only approve of Kavanaugh’s nomination after an investigation is performed. CNN

E. So the Senate will open a week-long FBI investigation into these accusations. Vox