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Logical Reasonings

A. Tonight at 11:49 pm Pacific is your very last chance to get $300 off our classroom course (with promo code LABORDAY300) and $75 off the first month of an online course subscription (LABORDAY75). Blueprint LSAT

B. Florida Costal School of Law appears to be on its last legs, and may soon meet the same fate as sister schools Charlotte School of Law and Arizona Summit School of Law. ABA Journal

C. Because you Brett-er be informed about the Supreme Court Kavanaugh-minee, follow along with day two of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings here. ABA Journal

D. There are a number of legal issues that affect Twitch users … a digital gaming platform of which I am definitely aware and have used and am not too old to understand. Above the Law

E. Sometimes, when you’re a Hollywood A-lister running a health and wellness brand, you make scientifically dubious claims about an egg that you put … well, that’s not important … but then California prosecutors bring a consumer protection lawsuit against you and you have to settle for the $145,000. Buzzfeed News