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Logical Reasonings

A. Don’t forget! Today is the deadline to sign-up for the September LSAT, and to request accommodations. LSAC

B. ExamSoft, who make the exam-taking software that many states use for bar exams, announced on Friday that the newest MacBook Pro is not compatible with its software. Bar exams are being held tomorrow, so … yikes. Above the Law

C. The NY Times asked the Brett Kavanaugh’s former law students about the SCOTUS nominee … and they mostly fawned over his hair. NY Times

D. The cinephile division of ABA published its list of the greatest legal movies of all time. ABA Journal

E. Thoughts on what the withdrawal of Ryan Bounds’s nomination to the Ninth Circuit of Appeals — based on objections to the offensive and dimwitted essays he wrote in college — might mean for the viability of one path to legal prestige. Above the Law