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Logical Reasonings

A. It’s Kavanaugh take day! One common refrain: Roe is me, with that landmark case officially in trouble, statements Kavanaugh made in the past notwithstanding. Vox

B. There’s a lot of speculation that Trump nominated Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh once wrote that to indict a sitting president would be needlessly distracting … but as Brian Beutler at Crooked points out, Kavanaugh kind of distracted the president as senior counsel to Ken Starr’s investigation of then President Clinton. Crooked

C. The thing that made McConnell a Kava-not made conservatives go Kava-nuts: his lengthy paper trail espousing conservative positions. Washington Post

D. Kavanaugh’s confirmation may come down to a single vote: Senator Susan Collins’s of Maine, who spoke highly of the nominee. NBC News

E. Aaron Blake of WaPo did a bit of hand wringing about Kavanaugh’s hyperbolic and unsupported first public statement as a nominee. Blake would probably crush Soft Must Be True questions, for what that’s worth. Washington Post