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Logical Reasonings

A. It’s SCOTUS season, and there were more rulings made today. First, Trump’s travel ban is apparently fine, constitutionally. NY Times

B. And second, so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” in California do not have to disclose that they are not licensed medical facilities and are not supervised by a licensed medical provider. NPR

C. Summer associates at Wilson Sonsini got an unexpected perk when the firm’s client Steph Curry dropped by, where the successful three-point shooter gave the rising 3Ls pointers on how to be successful. Above the Law

D. University of Oregon Law School named the two osprey chicks that hatched on its building “Ruth Bader Ginsbird” and “Sandra Day O’Sprey, which is some solid wordplay … excuse me … birdplay, but we would have gone with “Sonya Soto-sprey-or.” University of Oregon Law

E. Bad news for the rule of law … but good news for your future Con Law final? Due process may be a thing of the past, if Trump’s tweet is to be believed, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to study. Washington Post