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Logical Reasonings

A. Even if you missed our Admissions Webinar this afternoon, there’s still time to RSVP for the LSAT Webinar, which will take place at 6 pm Pacific tonight. All attendees will get a $300 discount on Blueprint’s classroom courses and a $50 discount on the first month of an online course subscription. Blueprint LSAT

B. Another reminder that tomorrow is the deadline to register for the July LSAT. LSAC

C. And if you just took the June LSAT, you honestly may as well sign up for the July LSAT. Even if you decide you don’t need to take the July LSAT, LSAC will give you a full refund. LSAC

D. A University of Colorado Law professor really did his students a solid by giving them a multiple choice, open-internet final … with questions taken from the internet. Above the Law

E. In case you missed it over the weekend: the amazing story of the government officials whose job is literally just taping together pieces of paper that Trump ripped up after reading, because Trump can’t break the habit of tearing apart every piece of paper he reads. There’s a metaphor about democratic institutions in the wake of Trump, somewhere in this story … Politico