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Logical Reasonings

A. You have a few hours left to take advantage of our Spring into Summer Sale. Until midnight Pacific Time, get $300 off any Blueprint classroom course with promo code GET300, or get $50 off the first month of an online course subscription with promo code GET50. Blueprint LSAT

B. Next Tuesday, we’ll be hosting free webinars — they’re like seminars, but piped directly to your phone or laptop using the power of the world wide web — on the Law School Admissions Test and the law school admissions process. If you RSVP and attend either, we’ll hook you up with discounts on Blueprint’s classroom and online courses. RSVP at the link! Blueprint LSAT

C. The Supreme Court finally handed down its decision on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. In a narrow 7-2 ruling that rested mainly on the religious animosity Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission expressed, the Court ruled that Colorado could not punish the eponymous cake shop for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. Washington Post

D. With Trump again threatening to pardon himself, Vox got law school profs far and wide to weigh in on whether he can do that. The consensus: who the hell knows, we’ve never had to ask these crazy questions before. Vox

E. Finally, Reese Witherspoon will again don the pink power suits of Elle Woods for Legally Blonde 3. Deadline