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Logical Reasonings

A. A former law student makes a compelling case that law schools should award scholarships based on need, rather than merit — i.e., don’t just give scholarships to the students who will help that law school improve its ranking. Until this change is made though, a great LSAT score and GPA is the way to get that money. Above the Law

B. An Indiana University law professor wrote a letter to the editor of Bloomington’s Herald Times arguing that so many women winning elections is a “sad achievement.” We think the much sadder achievement is writing a letter to the editor after every law journal refuses to publish your unsubstantiated claims. Herald Times

C. The First Amendment meets the block button. The Hill

D. A Fourth Circuit judge just decided in favor of a trans student, which could have sweeping implications for trans rights. Vox

E. Apparently, lawyer-of-the-moment Michael Cohen sent a cease and desist letter to The Onion way back in 2013. The Onion finally unearthed it and … the letter speaks for itself. The Onion