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Logical Reasonings

A. Law students, law school deans, and law school consultant Anna Ivey provide some tips for how you can get that money with (via scholarship offers from law schools).

B. If you have law school debt to pay though, here’s one way to do it: extreme couponing. Above the Law

C. Michael Cohen’s lawyer is making a claim that may eventually show up in your law school review of attorney-client privilege: does the defense or prosecution get the first look at seized documents to determine if they’re protected by the privilege? NY Times

D. CNN ranks the 11 best lines from James Comey’s new memoir A Higher Loyalty, none of which confirm the existence of the pee tape. CNN

E. This is definitely one way to lead a classroom of little monsters. A Connecticut substitute teacher has been accused of running a fight club in his class. Might be hard to get anyone to testify in the trial, given the first rule of fight club and all. CBS News