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Logical Reasonings

A. You got a few more days to take advantage of our Holiday Sale, which we’re holding until Sunday, 11:59 pm PST. Just enter promo code HOLIDAY200 when enrolling in any of our Winter, Spring, and Summer classroom courses to dock $200 right off the cost. Blueprint LSAT

B. For three years, an actual lawyer attempted to make sense of how the legal profession is depicted in TV and the movies. Here’s what he learned. Above the Law

C. In real legal news, a federal judge is allowing Trump’s pick to hold the interim director position at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the departing director’s pick. Washington Post

D. In other legal news, looks like Paul Manafort is going to take a bail deal worth $12 milli. CNBC

E. Senate Republicans are probably the only people on the planet in more of a panic than those about to take the December LSAT, now that a report on their tax plan predicts it would add a trilli to the fedearl deficit. NY Times