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Logical Reasonings

A. There’s still time to RSVP and attend tomorrow’s Southwestern Law Day in Los Angeles. You’ll get a ton of great information on the LSAT, law school, and becoming an attorney. Plus we’ll be there, raffling off free tutoring hours and giving out $400 discounts to our classroom course. Southwestern Law

B. If you can’t make it tomorrow, make sure to RSVP to the two webinars we’re hosting next week. On Thursday, November 16th at 6 pm PST we’ll be talking law school admissions, and on Saturday, November 18th at noon we’ll discuss the LSAT. If you attend, you’ll get a $300 discount on our classroom course and a $75 discount on our to all attendees. Blueprint LSAT

C. 84 years old and still spry as they come. Ruth Bader Ginsburg comes quick with the first written opinion of the October 2017 Supreme Court term. Associated Press

D. A rundown on who benefits and who loses in new GOP tax plan. Among the likely pertinent issues for readers, the student loan deduction is still in place, although small law firms and large universities do not see the big breaks. Washington Post

E. Need a way to pay for law school? Try having a twin, being conventionally attractive, and shilling for fitness products on Instagram, like these German sisters. You’re your weekend is as glamorous as it is remunerative. The Sun