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Logical Reasonings

A. Another T14 law school announced it will accept the GRE today. Columbia Law School will begin to accept the exam in fall 2018. Columbia Law

B. One school that doesn’t need more applicants? Arizona Summit Law, which was on probation before its most class had an abysmal 26% bar passage rate. Arizona Central

C. Arizona Summit may see the same fate as the shuttered Charlotte School of Law. But now Charlotte only has to face one lawsuit from its former students, albeit one with a ton of students. ABA Journal

D. In the federal government, Trump’s executive orders gutting the Affordable Care Act may be illegal under the take care clause of the Constitution. Then again, that clause has never been used to take legal action against a president and also nothing matters anymore. Vox

E. Well, at least the NBA is back tonight! With a great slate of games that the league more or less fell ass backwards into. Washington Post