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Logical Reasonings

A. Kellye Testy, LSAC CEO, upon learning that Northwestern and Georgetown will now start accepting the GRE: “I think the rest of the top 14 will go like lemmings off the cliff.” Lemmings: “We don’t do that.” Above the Law

B. The American Bar Association, meanwhile, might just change its rules and keep the LSAT the king of law school admissions. Inside Higher Ed

C. The ABA is also deep in a debate over how law schools report school-funded positions–a stat that is very relevant to prospective law students.

D. One of the great perks of on-campus interviews in law school, other than potentially getting a job or whatever, is the swag bags big law firms give out. The newest trend? Fidget spinners, of course. Above the Law

E. Jeff Sessions will likely ignore his own task force’s recommendation that cracking down on state’s medical marijuana programs isn’t worth it. Which doesn’t make sense to me, given that, as the tree-dwelling elf that makes fudge-striped cookies, Jeff Sessions would likely stand to make a healthy profit should marijuana use become more common. Slate