Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Is the recent spike in LSAT takers a product of a “Trump bump,” or LSAC’s new scheduling, or something else? For you, it probably just means you have a harder time finding a good testing center. Above the Law

    B. DoNotPay, a legal chatbot designed to fight parking tickets, has been updated with the ability to cover thousands of legal areas. Will you be competing with robot lawyers for jobs? Or will Skynet have already become self-aware? ABA Journal

    C. Your latest “Oh, brother” legal settlement: Columbia just settled with the guy alleged to have sexually assaulted the Columbia student who carried around a mattress as a protest against the school’s handling of the investigation–despite the fact that his federal suit on the matter was rejected. CNN

    D. In the largest legal settlement in sports history, the NFL may have to pay out $1 billion to former players who were lied to about the dangers of concussions while they were playing. You know who’s trying to get a cut of that money? Lawyers, of course. And some may be using predatory tactics to woo former players with impaired mental abilities. NY Times

    E. With shocking and disturbing allegations, parents of women who lived with R&B singer R. Kelly report that he subjected the women to cult-like conditions. Buzzfeed News

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