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Logical Reasonings

A. This weekend, the American Bar Association will gather to consider revisions to its regulations of law schools. On the docket is a proposed rule that might strip away law schools’ ability to accept “alternative tests” (read: the GRE) for admissions. Above the Law

B. Also this weekend, the ABA will decide whether it should expand diversity requirements for accreditation to the law schools’ student bodies, and whether those requirements should specify the inclusion of gender identities, religions, national origins, ages, and disabilities. ABA Journal

C. In the world of lawsuits, the Department of Justice just charged over 400 people with health care fraud. Washington Post

D. Another day in the repeal-replace-renege-retry cycle Congress has been on, with the Senate GOP leaders introducing another version of their health care bill. This time, with fewer tax cuts. NY Times

E. Your studies may be getting a little stressful, but you did not have a worse day than a Corpus Cristi man who got himself stuck in a damn ATM. Corpus Christi Caller-Times