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Logical Reasonings

A. Imagine getting into the school of your dreams. Harvard, in this case—nothing but a bright future ahead. Then you celebrate, as one does, by posting a bunch of vile and ignorant stuff online. Then Harvard finds out and withdraws your acceptance. That’s what happened to at least ten kids this year. The Crimson

B. One of the first lessons any budding lawyer learns is to not let your client do the talking, a lesson the Department of Justice may do well to remember. Washington Post

C. In another case heading to the Supreme Court, SCOTUS will determine whether police will need a warrant to search information from your cellular company that shows your movement over time. This information could be used, theoretically, to place you at a scene of a crime. NY Times

D. Meanwhile, Trump, acting off the advice of his personal pilot, announced a plan to privatize air traffic control. NPR

E. In England, authorities have named the identities of two of the three assailants in the London attacks this weekend. Security is likely to be a major issue in the British election this Thursday. Washington Post