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Logical Reasonings

A. Good news for postal employees and national park rangers (as well as those who receive unemployment or veteran’s benefits), the federal government will continue to operate for at least a week. Washington Post

B. We’re 100 days into Trump’s presidency, and we’re set to hear about a lot of reflections on how the first 100 went. But why not hear from Trump himself? He misses driving, may or may not understand what a cocoon is, is still fixated on the Electoral College numbers, and thought the whole leader of the free world thing would be easier than firing Dennis Rodman on TV. Reuters

C. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court seems less than impressed with the Justice Department’s argument that it can revoke citizenship for minor lies and omissions in naturalization process, an argument that might actually revoke the First Lady’s citizenship. NY Times

D. A development that should surprise absolutely no one with an internet connection, people are spamming the “illegal aliens” hotline ICE set up to complain about ET. Vox

E. Tumultuous times all over the world, including at Ja Rule’s $12,000-a-night Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, which has basically devolved into a Lord of the Flies situation. Attendees were stuck on the island after the “luxury festival” was canceled, presumably asking “Can I get a … flight out of here.” And on that note, we bid you a good weekend. BBC