Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. David Dao, last seen being forcibly dragged across a plane by United Airlines security, will “probably” sue United Airlines. United Airlines “certainly” regrets how it handled that sitch. Reuters

    B. The US just dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS target in Afghanistan. CNN

    C. A new twist in the ongoing investigation into the Russia-Trump connection, as British intelligence agents claim they were the first to notice “suspicious” interactions between suspected Russian agents and Trump lackeys. The agents also throw some of that classic British shade, claiming that US intelligence was “very late to the game” in spotting these interactions. The Guardian

    D. The processing of student loans may become even slower. Betsy DeVos has undone several student loan regulations that incentivized student loan companies to provide timely and accurate services to borrowers. Chicago Tribune

    E. NASA found hydrogen on the icy Saturnian moon Enceladus, which means there might be other forms of microbial life within our own solar system. And there’s evidence that there may be life on Jupiter’s moon Europa too. Wild stuff. Washington Post

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